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Starting a Business

Start Dates



Fees & Costs


330 Hours

11 weeks

30 hours per week

(Sept - June)

Individualized, in school & hybrid training on a part time schedule

Quebec Tuition $0 

Textbooks $250

Is Starting a Business for you?

Program Description

The Starting a Business program aims to train entrepreneurs so that they may thrive in various industries such as: professional and technical services, personal care and health care, retailing and food services, cultural sector, arts and entertainment sector, processing sector and information industry.

Time Commitment

This is a 10-15 week course with new intakes in September, November, January and April of every school year.  The program consists of in-class learning from 8:30 until 3:20 3 days  each week and 2 days of remote work.  Most students can expect to complete the program within 4 months, although it is possible to complete more quickly.

Delivery Method

Our Starting a Business program is offered as an indiviudalized program.  Although, you will always have a teacher in your classroom it is not the classroom you remember.  You have 7 competencies to complete with digital resources, textbooks, teacher support and peer assistance to increase engagement and understanding.  You are not sitting in a lecture listening to a presentation, or watching a powerpoint.  You are given the resources to learn and develop the skills and competencies required by employers.


(819) 684-1770

100 Frank Robinson
Gatineau, Quebec

Maya - Starting a Business


I was very happy to be hired at the workplace I have always dreamt about working in - the federal Government of Canada. Being a public servant has been my goal since the day I arrived in Canada, and thanks to WQCC, my dream came true. I would like to encourage everyone who wants to change their future to join WQCC and make their dreams come true

Program Content

Looking for a little more detail?  These are the competencies covered in Starting a Business

Starting a business modules
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