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Welding specialist

Welding & Fitting

WQCC Welding Advantages


Student Commitment

We commit to training our students to be successful in the professional workplace.  Students complete language, software and technical training but also understand the importance of punctuality, group dynamics, and professionalism.  Our goal is to help students find a successful career

Our Commitment to Employers

This is a 45 week course with new intakes in September, November, January and April of every school year.  The program consists of in-class learning from 8:30 until 3:20 5 days a week.  Most students can expect to complete the program within 18 months, although it is possible to complete in 1 school year.

Meeting Industry Expectations

Our Accounting program is offered as an indiviudalized program.  Although, you will always have a teacher in your classroom it is not how you remember learning in high school.  You have 23 competencies to complete with digital resources, textbooks, teacher support and peer assistance to increase engagement and understanding.  You are not sitting in a lecture listening to a presentation, or watching a powerpoint.  You are given the resources to learn on your own with the added value of a teacher supporting your journey.

100 Frank Robinson
Gatineau, Quebec

(819) 684-1770

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