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Health Assistance & Nursing

Start Dates



Fees & Costs



1800 Hours

60 weeks

30 hours per week

(Sept - June)

In school training and theory followed by practical workplace experience

Quebec Tuition $0 

Textbooks $400

Is Health Assistance & Nursing for you?

Program Description

You will acquire knowledge, ability and attitude necessary to differentiate between health and illness; understand and apply the techniques learned, establish a helping role with those with health needs, engage in team work within the modern health organizationion, communicate effectively with patients and their family, with superiors and with other health team members.

Time Commitment

This is a 60 week course with new intakes in September and January of every school year.  The program consists of in-class learning from 8:30 until 3:20 Monday through Friday each week.  Most students can expect to complete the program within 16 months.

Delivery Method

All modules are divided into 2 categories, either theory or practical. Theory modules take place in the classroom as a group using books, handouts, and our online resources. The practical learning takes place in our state of the art shop where students work alone or as part of a group to complete assignments.


(819) 684-1770

100 Frank Robinson
Gatineau, Quebec

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